Phantom Gaming Technology Co. Limited​

Is A Leading Designer And Manufacturer Of Premium Pc & Gaming

At a glance

Phantom Gaming is a leading designer and manufacturer of premium PC hardware including cases, cooling, power supplies and accessories. Based in Gothenburg and with offices in the China, Phantom Gaming has gained a global reputation for innovative design, elegant aesthetics and solid build quality.Phantom Gaming  products are available in over 5 countries worldwide, and are still growing.


It can take anywhere from six to eighteen months for a new Phantom Gaming product to go from early sketches to mass production. And the only way to end up with something truly successful, is to be just as (if not more) demanding, picky and detail-oriented as everyone in the target-group. And once you get there, and all the pieces are in place – the reward is that you get to start over from a clean slate, trying to outdo yourself again.